April 2015
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  • retail propertyAcquiring a commercial property for your business is something that most entrepreneurs will have to work on. After all, where else do you plan to do your corporate operations, manufacturing and selling of products? But after you’ve signed the deed of sale, paid your obligation and closed the deal, what comes next? To tell you frankly, there are a whole lot more and we’ve got some of them listed for your perusal. Read on and know what these are.

    • Be sure to have your finances rolling. – Unless you’ve paid the whole price of the property in full at the onset then you can totally skip this tip but otherwise, you can’t. If you still have a balance on the purchase which is payable within a certain period for instalments then you must see to it that these are accordingly scheduled, remembered and provided for. Never miss payments.
    • Get the building ready. – If you bought a land with a building already erected into it or would have to build one from scratch then you better start dissecting your plan right about now. What will the asset be primarily for? Will you use it as your main office and headquarters or as a store? Make sure that you’ve got construction going to avoid any delays. Talk to your architect and engineer.
    • Start any revisions and renovations. – If there are areas of the property and/or structure that you wish to revise, add or remove then it would also be the perfect time to do so. Take in consideration the purpose of the building as that will play a big part when dimensions come into the picture.
    • Get your furniture and fixtures. – Don’t forget the equipment too! You cannot make your commercial property function as planned if you are running short on your equipment. If you are using it for let’s say a branch in your chain of restaurants then this would include kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, countertops and the list goes on.
    • It’s moving day! – When everything is all set, moving takes in. You will have to fill the now owned commercial property for sale with your employees and then other assets like your raw materials and finished products. This will be a tedious task too so proper planning is a must. After that, it’s time to open your doors and say hello to your customers!

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  • properties UKWhen it comes to growing one’s savings, one way to do it is by putting your money into quality and profitable investments. With that being said, you might want to take a look at the following signs of a great investment property for sale in UK.

    Sign # 1: Ease of Accessibility – Whether the property is to be used as a residential space as with houses, condominium units and similar structures or a commercial and industrial space for your business, it has to be located where it is accessible. If you are planning to invest in residential properties for your personal use or for lease to tenants then it has to be in an area that is in close proximity with certain structures and establishments such as schools, malls, hospitals, roads and the like. For businesses, it has to be close to its audience and customers.

    Sign # 2: Safety and Security – Adding to an asset’s market value would be its security. This is in terms of crime and natural calamities or disasters. No one would want to stay in a place that can somehow pose threats to oneself, one’s family or business endeavours.

    Sign # 3: Market Value Accuracy – You also want to get something that has been priced by the seller accurately. It has to match its actual market value. To ensure this you might consider getting the inputs from a chartered surveyor as well as researching and reading up on similar properties in like areas.

    Sign # 4: Low Ongoing Costs – If a property is priced low but it has a high amount of ongoing costs then chances are it will be a financial burden in the long run. These ongoing costs pertain to repair and maintenance expenses that are vital to the upkeep and condition of any investment property.

    Sign # 5: Great Community – Another sign of a great investment property for sale in UK is its community. For residential ones, it will mean a lot to not only have welcoming neighbours but at the same time one where key establishments are situated. As for businesses, the presence of other companies within the vicinity will affect it. If you have competitors then such can pose threats to the business as it could perpetually compete with customers. If it is with complimentary establishments then it becomes an advantage.

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